At The Cell Spa we treat the root cause of your body’s decay. Our proprietary products and treatments provide the body with the youthful tissue and concentrated growth factors it needs to heal itself.

Cosmetic uses of Biologics
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Regain sexual satisfaction, improve sexual performance and treat erectile dysfunction with ED’s Shot by The Cell Spa.  Return to youthful sexual performance with ED’s Shot.


Revolutionary new treatment that restores function and appearance allowing for the return to activities that bring you joy.  The V•nu treatment utilizes our proprietary injection sequencing along with our exclusive suspension allograft to regenerate the tissue associated with stress urinary incontinence, overall sexual function, and external vaginal appearance.


Get the skin you were born to have. It’s as easy as surFACE. SurFACE fuels the body’s innate ability to heal. Repair skin damaged by age, habits and environment.


Grow new hair, decrease hair loss, make fine hair thicker, increase density and strength with remane.  The hair follicle receives the nutrients, growth factors and signaling proteins necessary to restore normal follicular function.


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“We combine proprietary injection sequencing developed and enhanced over years of treatment experience and research with our revolutionary FDA approved products to produce extraordinary results for our clients.”

– Dr. Wade McKenna

  • "I'm absolutely in love with this product. My face looks 10 years younger. I keep getting amazing comments from all my friends."

    Kim B.
  • “I’m so grateful that issues like these are now more openly spoken about. I will always recommend Vnu to women who live with this condition and not realizing that there is help out there.”

    Anna H.
  • "I'm 51 years old and was able to enjoy sex for the first time in years."

    James C.